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Talking Letters Overview

Talking Letters provides parents and teachers a tool to teach children the letters of the alphabet and their sounds to build a strong foundation for reading.  Here's how it works:

  • In the Talking Letters program, each letter is associated with a character and a story.

  • As parents and teachers read the stories aloud, children begin to learn that each letter "makes a sound as it talks".

  • To help parents become their child's first and best teacher, each Talking Letters set includes a step-by-step instructional guide so that parents know when and how to introduce each letter as well as activities and games to use. 

  • As children master their letters and sounds, they begin to "make the letters talk" in forming new words.

  • As children begin to read phonetically (recognizing that each letter makes a sound), they are then introduced to sight words (words that are not read by their letter sounds) as they begin to read the 10 sight word books included in the set.

  • Celebrate - your child is reading!    

Talking Letters Sample Cards



The Talking Letters Reading Program is designed to teach children letters, sounds, and sight words in a fun and effective way as they learn to read!  By combining proven story-based and character-based approaches, Talking Letters teaches children the letter names and sounds by associating each letter with a memorable story and character-based letter graphic.  As children "make the letters talk", they quickly become readers!

Each set includes:

  • 26 Talking Letters story/character cards for each letter of the alphabet

  • 1 Talking Letters alphabet poster

  • 1 scripted instructional guide

  • 10 illustrated sight word/high frequency books

Talking Letters is ideal for:

  • Parents who are searching for a tool to prepare their preschool age children for Pre-K or Kindergarten

  • Pre-K and Preschool Teachers who want to effectively teach reading with a proven program

  • K-3 Teachers and Interventionists seeking a new approach for closing the gap for struggling readers

  • Home school parents who are looking for a fun scripted way to teach reading

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