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Beverly C. - Preschool Mom

This curriculum has worked great for my 4 yr old son.  I had been trying to teach him his letter sounds with more traditional methods, but it wasn't.  Only lower case is taught, so this makes so much more sense since most reading is done in lower case.

Casey J. - Preschool Mom

This program has really helped my son.  He has suddenly developed an interest in listening to the words he says himself and letting me know the sounds he hears.  He just turned 4 in August and I am very impressed!  The story for each letter has really helped him to remember the sounds!

Amanda B. - Home School Mom

The Talking Letters program is an excellent resource for teaching letters sounds!  My 5 year old son had been successfully learning to read when we hit a brick wall as he began to get certain letters confused.  I came across this wonderful program that truly gives each letter its own story and identity.  I has helped tremendously and now my 2 year old daughter is listening the stories and is retaining them as well!  It's wonderful to see them have so much fun learning!

Wanda A. - Preschool Mom

Talking Letters teaches the sound of each letter only using lowercase letters and I've seen great results with my youngest 3 year old daughter.  She has loved the program and can say every single letter sound!  Talking Letters has been an excellent investment and I'm so glad my daughter learned her letters and sounds with this program.  It's been really fun and I'm sure she will remember the stories for a long time to come!

Ginny R. - Home School Mom

My daughter was in a private school that used this program to introduce the letter sounds, so I initially did not use the program myself.  This year, I am homeschooling and my daughter has moved into reading easily and enthusiastically due to this program.  She has a very solid foundation on her letter sounds - we did no review of the sounds at all because she knew them cold!  She would often tell me a character story associated with a letter sound and move around the room acting it out.  It seems very child friendly and resulted in a confident and enthusiastic beginning reader!

Talking Letters testimonials

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